Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Wednesday Stamper/Dark Eyes

This little piece has been inspired by the famous Russian song "Ochi chernye" (Dark eyes).
So here's my nude dancing Gypsy.
If you'd like to listen to the song, there are many beautiful versions.
I'll add a link to two of them.
Sophie Milman
and Nikolai Baskov

And here is a translation of the song lyrics.

Dark eyes, terrifying eyes!
Eyes fiery and beautiful!
How I love you! How I fear you!
Indeed when I saw you, it was an unlucky hour!

Oh, not without reason you are of the dark depths.
I see mourning in you in my soul.
I see conquering flame in you.
My poor heart is afire with it!

But I am not sad. I am not regretful.
My fate is a comfort to me.
Everything of the best in life that God gave us
I have given as a sacrifice to the eyes of fire.


deb said...

Stunning work as always.

Nicole said...

Wonderful mate, a fab piece. ;)

lorry said...

My goodness, this is amazing! A lovely poem, too.

Nellie said...

Love it very much! Great idea.

Ilka Wilczek said...


Rein said...

Very pretty!

DymphieM said...

Love your "Dark Eyes" really very special!
Thanks for the links to the song, it's wonderful.

Kaz said...

this is a beautiful piece of work, I love the poem too.