Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Uzh skol'ko ikh upalo v etu bezdnu (Marina Tsvetaeva)

This is one of the deepest poems I ever read, and this piece has been an inspiration for a series I am working on now. It is very poignant and beautiful.

How many people fell in this abyss,
I fathom from afar!
There will be time, and I will vanish too
From earth's exterior.

All will be still, that sang and that did struggle,
That glistened and rejoiced:
The greenness of my eyes, the gold of my hair,
And this my tender voice.

Life will continue with its soft hot bread,
With day's oblivion.
All will continue - under outstretched heavens
As if I'd never been!

Like children changeable in every mien
And angry not for long,
Who loved the times when in the fireplace
Into ash turned the log,

Violin and cavalcade within the forest
And in the village, bell...
Upon this dear earth - I will be no longer
That was alive and real!

To all - who are the friends and strangers
To never having known the measure, me?
I turn to you with this my faith's demand
And love's query.

Both day and night, in word and letter both:
For truth of yes and no,
For that though I am but twenty I am
So often in such sorrow,

For unavoidably my slights and trespasses
Will be forgiven me -
For all of my impetuous tenderness
And look too proud and free -

For quickness of events as they come rushing,
For truth, for play, say I -
Please hear me! But do also please love me
For this that I will die.

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deb said...

WOW you are right, very moving