Saturday, 24 April 2010

She sells seashells...

For some reason this seashell stamp from Anita's reminded me of some exotic headdress, and that's exactly what I did with it. It is a (very distant) homage to Mersad Berber whom I admire immensely (I guess I need to win a lottery to be able to afford one of his works,lol). I am sure Monsieur Berber wouldn't recognise it as a homage, but then he spends days on each work, and I had about 20 minutes, what with Sasha demanding to change his DVDs and me getting more and more uncomfortable sitting at the table, that's the best I could do.
It is a birthday card for a friend who is an inspiration in every sense of this word.
Don't know if it counts as a girlie card for the Stampotique challenge, but when I was a kid, I always drew ladies in medieval dresses.