Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sewing, sewing, sewn

When I saw a feature in Craft Stamper about stamping and embroidering stamped images, I thought: I can do it. Off I went to the little sewing shop in town, chose a shiny blue silk thread and started on my project. I should have known better, it took me ages to finish a simple teddy bear. :)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

And the winner is....

drumroll please... Riane (Kernowcards) from the Netherlands. I used the randomiser, and Riane's a winner. Congratulations!
Thank you, everyone, for participating and making it so enjoyable for me. I wish I could give a gift to each and every one of you!

St Basil's card

Do you remember as a kid colouring in pictures with so much zeal that even your tongue was sticking out from diligence. Well, I guess I was like that colouring in this Elusive Images stamped picture.:)Took me a bit longer than I expected. I'll try to do a better picture tomorrow, as there is no daylight anymore. I used watercolours and golden acrylics. Added a photo taken in the daylight, but then the gold is not so obvious, so left the previous shot with the flas as well.
I made this card as a Thank you card for someone who's very interested in Russia and its history, but thought it was appropriate to enter in a Charmed Crafts/Crafty Goings On blog colouring in competition to win a fab set of copics.
My forum friend Lynn was looking for a Russian Church stamp for me, and found this one only to discover that it was discontinued. So, Lynn, bless her, has contacted the stamping company and they made this stamp specially for me. I am so touched. I think it is a superb stamp.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A little giveaway

Just because... not for any particular reason, maybe because the sun is shining and the birds are singing in the garden, and I am feeling fine cause I slept through the night without being interrupted 20,000 times, lol
Here's what you can get: Riche Creme Beauty elixir with 30 precious oils (I love it! you need just a tiny bit, it absorbs beautifully, and you feel like Cleopatra after her milk bath), No 7 cleansing body polish (25 ml), No 7 stay perfect clear nail colour, 3 stamps from PA Mini, Bootiful stampz and Inka (sorry, no idea about their names), and CHOCOLATE, how can one live without chocolate: one G&B organic milk choccie and one Lindt excellence chilli choccie.
Anyone can enter, even if you don't live in the UK, I'll be happy to post anywhere.
I will choose a winner using randomiser on the 8th of April at 5pm UK time.
Good luck!
P.S. just wanted to add that by being interrupted in the night I don't mean I am married to a sex maniac, but only that my little guy rarely sleeps through the night.:)