Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Feeling wicked? (Hallowe'en forum swap)

I am not exactly a Hallowe'en person, as we never celebrated it when I grew up in Russia, it was something we hardly heard of. However, I signed up for a forum swap, and here are my two little witches, cackling at their own wicked jokes.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Eye for an eyelet Micro challenge at Caardvarks

I don't think arty stamps and cards would go nicely with my son's schoolmates, so for their cards I bought a very cute little angel from Penny Black. This is not a final version, as I will have to do some 30 cards for the school, so they have to be simplified, but I might add a painted snowflake or two to each one.
Eyelets here are the hearts of snowflakes.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Circle of friends card for October

This card is a double whammy, as it is made for the Sparkle challenge and as the circle of friends gift for this month.
I stamped an Indian woman image on golden shimmery paper, used a sari ribbon and painted golden acrylic on the chipboard swirl, plus added doodles & painted tassels with golden 3d paint.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Pink Tag (forum swap)

"The theme for this months Tag Swap is ...
As this month is Breast Cancer Aware Month I thought we could go with this theme of Pink ladies, any shape or form of pink and as long as its a lady. "

My lady is a Lost Coast stamped image. The Technique Tuesday tiles are painted with pink oil, and a few doodles and dots of 3d paint are added for extra texture.

Friday, 12 October 2007

SOF unChristmas challenge

"Use your non-Christmas stamps to make a Christmas/holiday card! For example, a beach scene in all red and green, or a valentine stamp turned holiday. Christmas sentiment stamp allowed but the other image(s) should be far-flung from the holidays"

For this card I used a Baby sketch stamp (as you can see from the photo). I dressed up my baby in warm winter clothes, and I already know who will receive this card, as our friends had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

SOF Music challenge

"Create a project by stamping on sheet music. The sheet music can be printed off the computer or—even better—se a piece of old sheet music to stamp on. The rest of the project is only limited by imagination."

My chosen piece of music is "Lavender's blue, diddle diddle. Lavender's green.
When I am king, diddle diddle, you shall be queen" Here are my little lavender king and queen. Stamps used: Silences by Paperbag studios, PM & Technique Tuesday swirls.
Lavender is painted with Pebeo paints.

Birdie challenge (SOF)

"Make a card with a bird on it. Vintage birds, whimsical birds, paper pieced birds, stamped birds, silly birds... whatever way you want to interpret the challenge. "

I happened to be in a local stationery shop earlier today, and they were selling all stamps at half price, and though I told myself to me firm, I couldn't resist a temptation and bought a little bird stamp. :)
For my little card I used a PI bird stamp, Technique tuesday Hallo stamp, BG papers and my favourite 3d paints.

Christmas card

I decided I will be a good girl this year and will start doing Christmas cards in advance. Especially that I need to do a million of them, and we might also be moving home, fingers crossed.
This is one of my new stamps from Lost Coast. I love this Angel, so serene and beautiful. The blue and silver paper is Sandylion.
And my ribbon is a great find from an antique shop.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Gone with the wind/ OLW challenge "Gone"

My great grandparents Alexandra and Timofei got married in the whirlwind of the Russian Revolution in 1917, and like butterflies who get scorched by the fire, their wings were burnt and their lives changed forever.
Timofei was a sailor on the battleship Mercury, and in this photo he is young, handsome and wearing his uniform.
Alexandra or Shurochka as she was known among her family and friends served as a cook in a baron's house, was giggly and loved to read. They met and fell in love.

In these photos they are always young, in love and finally together.

Timofei was arrested during the wave of the Stalinist repressions in 1937 and executed.
My great grandma didn't know that he was gone, and patiently waited for his return for over twenty years. His friends who returned from the GULAG told Alexandra that her husband has been dead all these years.
This is my family history.

For this layout I used some authentic vintage items, like an antique ribbon that I bought in the antique shop. The little leather piece with tiny buttons comes from a glove worn by a maid of honour at the Russian Royal court, and was a gift from an old friend to me.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Doodle Doodle challenge on Papertivity

"Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle and Doodle some more. Take some time to just sit down with a nice pen and go to town!"
Here's my doodle creation called "Memory", using Marvy Le Plume pen on vellum. The stamp is by Stampsmith (From Russia with Love).

Color your world challenge

"Challenge info:

-Make 1 card by using a stamp or stamps. You can use any image(s) you like.
-You can only use colored cardstock.
-You can not use anything with a pattern like: patterned papers, patterned fabrics or patterned ribbons, and so on.
-You can use markers, pens, pencils and paint.
-You can use embellishments like: buttons, brads, eyelets and so on"

That was a tough one for me, as I hardly have any non-patterned papers. I prefer patterned papers for cards and scrapping, and my selection of plain colours is very limited. I used one of my favourite stamps with Pierrot (Invoke arts). I cut out the frame from a vellum and added doodles with a golden ink pen. The swirl is another chipboard from Technique tuesday.

Favourite stamp challenge on Twinspire

I don't have a stamp that I can call all time favourite, but this one from Lost Coast is my favorite at the moment. It is elegant, stylish, and poetic too.

Monochromatic challenge on Stamping Mathilda

"Create a monochromatic card, one color, different shades. All stamps are allowed"
Here's my contribution called "Let it snow". The chipboard is by Technique tuesday.
Snowflakes are painted with 3d paints.

Lime Tart challenge

The challenge is for you to make a card using Lime Green as the main colour".
I didn't find it easy at all, as lime green is a difficult colour.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Birthday card for my niece

My niece Alexandra is 6 years old. This is a card for her.

Got Paint? Lots and lots... Caardvarks challenge

Got paint? Indeed I have, and I love to paint with watercolours, acrylics and 3d paints.
The first card is an old re-vamped card. I have painted the little girl with watercolour and acrylics, and attached ribbons to her hat (thanks to Chris for yummy ribbons!).
The second image is a happy mermaid, painted with 3d Pebeo paints. These images decorated many peasant houses in the old times in Russia, and they were usually carved in wood on window sills as protectors bringing good luck to the house.
That's why I thought the wood imitation paper from Daisy D's was an appropraite background for my mermaid.
They weren't your silly zero size girls with skinny tails but happy fat women or more traditionally built, using PC language, lol.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Scallops challenge/Caardvarks

For my Treasure each day card I have chosen the Rubbadubbadoo stamp (yet again).
Papers used: mostly BG and a wallpaper sample. I love the texture of this wallpaper, it is all raised, and very touchy feely, it also reminds me of marble blocks and tiles we have seen in Forte dei Marmi, a little town amidst the mountains nearby Viareggio where we usually go to the sea. I have cut the scalloped edge and painted little scallop seashells with the Pebeo paints.


This doll has been created for a swap on one of my arty forums. The face is done from polymer clay.
I painted the face with acrylics, cut out a shape from the thick card and used some lovely curtain samples to create the dress.