Monday, 23 July 2007

Galina-"Bibby" fan base

Sasha's school had a creative month this summer, and I volunteered to run papercrafts classes for Year 2 and Year 4. I enjoyed working with children, I forgot how good it feels to tutor and see results of your teaching. I used to teach art and crafts classes in Russia years ago.
On Friday Sasha brought a Thank you card for me from school, and I must say it made me smile.
I'll keep the spelling as it is in the original.
"Dear Galina Varese,
Thank you for cuming to mack the Teddy Baer cards. I loved mine. I think evone enjoyed it inspesley I injoyed it.
I had a great time. I hope we will see you next year.
from Madley Brook and Springfield schools xxx"

Dawn Bibby, eat your knickers!

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Scythian Gold

For the Asia challenge I decided not to go along the Far East route and visit either China or Japan, but look closer to my own shores.
The Scythians were the fierce, nomadic horsemen who roamed the European steppe from the seventh to the third centuries BC. These proud warriors, who grew rich on trade with the Greeks, commissioned lavish gold objects for adornment, ceremony and battle, drawing on their own ancient artistic traditions and employing the finest Greek goldsmiths of the age.
The Scythians flourished more than 2,500 years ago in what is present-day Ukraine and are among the most fascinating of the great warrior cultures that dominated the steppes for centuries. They originated in the central Asian steppes sometime in the early first millennium, BC.
For more info see
I have painted the replica of a Scythean golden pin with golden acrylic and 3-d paints.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Rock-a-bye Baby, thy cradle is green...

Father's a Nobleman, Mother's a Queen...

Sasha loves nursery rhymes, and I always wonder what dreams he has, does he dream of Bobby Shaftoe and Little Bo-Peep, Humpty-Dumpty & Co? I have painted some of the nursery rhymes characters with the 3-d paints to go with the photo of my little one asleep, bless him.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

From Russia with Love LO

Love, love this James Bond song... It is also one of my favourite photos of myself, when I was oh so young, in my early 20s. I used to be a member of the ethnographic society in my home town, and here I am wearing a replica of a Northern Russian dress called sarafan. My headdress was slightly wrong (for me), as this type of a headdress was intended for married women, and I was not married at that time, but I just loved it.
I used Russian Journey papers (Dove of the East) and Daisy D's, plus Russian ribbons.
BTW, the word "treasure" doesn't refer to myself, but meant to mean treasure your heritage, lol.

Just to show that I have not been idle...

Some of my recent work...
Charms for a swap, quite similar to the ones I made before, but this time with a king's image. I tried to achieve a pewter imitation effect, so coloured in the baked Fimo stars with silver and black (then wiped it off) acrylics.

A birthday card.

An altered CD for a swap. The challenge was to use orange, yellow, lime and pink colours. I found it very difficult, so cheated a bit, there is lime, but it is in the back, and I used the dark green instead. lol My idea was to do an imitation of native American rugs. I stamped the native images, and then painted the surface with 3-d paints. The photo is really bad, but I already sealed the packet for posting.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Wed Stamper/ Buttons

Here is my birthday card for Gillian. I found this little cutie in a charity shop, and used a colour photocopy for my card. There's not much stamping involved, except the word "Happy" (Tuesday Technique stamp). But there are three buttons. lol

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Dream (Template challenge)

This card has been made for a forum Template challenge organised by Chris.