Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Things we create

When I was a child, I had this fantasy that whatever images I did draw (paint), would move to some place where they have a world of their own. And one day, when I am no longer in this world, I will join them and be surrounded by what I created.
A strange idea of a strange child. That's why I tried to be kind to my drawings and make them beautiful. By beautiful I don't necessarily mean perfect, far from it. The imperfection could be more interesting than perfection.
I believe we give an anima to what we create. Who knows, perhaps when I die, I will find myself surrounded by little soulful Venetian dolls and pierrots, mermaids and sirins.

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deb said...

Beautiful piece of art Galina, I love your work.

lorry said...

I love your sentiments Galina. What a wonderful thought! Your artwork is truly beautiful.