Monday, 26 March 2007

"Joe, the only boy in the world" by Michael Blastland

Just a few quotes that I wanted to keep from the book I finished reading. It is a fascinating book, but I had to read it in small portions, as it is a painful kind of reading.

"It's a story of strange happenings and human riddles, it invites fantastical speculation and argues something barzen, preposterous even: that until you know Joe's unusual life,you won't fully understand your own..." (p.1)

The author calls his son "vulnerable, charming and tyrannical", that is so true, I can apply the same description to my own little guy.

"Joe was born with a perfect knot in his umbilical cord...
Nowadays he lives with the label "autistic": broad, ill-defined, ill-fitting and unexplained, a label that's best put aside before getting to know him. But for me at least, and perhaps others who know his story, the loop in the cord became a metaphor: it framed a passage for Joe into an altogether alien existence that is magical, mysterious and infuriating in equal measure. When he tumbled into that oblique version of life, it was through the looking glass, through the doors of the enchanted wardrobe, while behind him the exit shut tight (pp.2-3)"

Notes to myself, to check out the site

"I believe that we do not know what we are unless we have others, different others and similar others, with whom we can compare ourselves.We are all partial, and autism even if a little more partial than most, also adds something precious" (page 205)

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