Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Girlie giveaway-II (c/d 25/06)

For no other reason but the sunny day and me enjoying my new hair colour which I would call Venetian red. With hair "ablaze" as if painted by Titian, I'm ready for any impossible mission! :)
Isn't it funny how a hair colour can boost your mood?! Now that I'm in my early 40s, I am confident about the way I look. It doesn't mean I don't want longer legs and Daniel Craig following me with admiring eyes, but then who wouldn't? :)
So, here's what you can get: Riche Creme Elixir de Beaute/Beauty elixir with 30 precious oils, Maybelline pure blush mineral in topaz rose, Basic Grey Aura acrylic stamps, one Inka scroll (unmounted), Lindt Excellence Chilli (dark and smooth and with a hidden fire) and five cheerful flower buttons.
Anyone can enter, you don't have to post a link on your blog or be my follower, just wish me a good day.
I will enter all names in the draw on the 25th of June.
Good luck!


deb said...

What a generous giveaway Galina. Your new hair colour sounds wonderful, very daring, and yes I agree who wouldn't want the delicious Mr Craig following them around :o)

Chris said...

Galina, what a very generous giveaway. :-)

I wish you and Sasha a very good day and hope the sun keeps shining on your Titian red hair.

GrapeVine said...

Lovely assortment of goodies - please count me in


Lapsapchung on Craft Swap Fourm and Chatterbox

GrapeVine said...

... and on Marina's forum of course!

Sorry, I knew we were on two forums together and thought one of them must be a crafty one.

Jane again (but I'm only entering once!)

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Я желаю вам хорошего дня

I'm hoping that says what its meant to lol

Lesley said...

Hi Galina,
Titian Red eh? Gorgeous! and what a lovely selection of treats you have for us. Thank you.
Lesley x

Anonymous said...


How lovely to have a girly giveway, I came over on the link from Michael and Marins's site. Best wishes


welshjenni said...

(hoping that this comment 'works' as the other just disappeared)

this is a delightful giveaway Galina - thanks... and with those red locks, a sunny day and dreams of Daniel Craig I am not suprised that you are feeling so buoyant lol Jenni

joanne wardle said...

good day to you, you generous woman! and if I win you can give the inka scroll to someone else, because I already have it!!

Karin said...

Пожелание Вам очень хороший день Galina. Пожалуйста будьте меня в свою ничью. Вы можете держать Daniel Craig и не были бы это быть замечательными вырастить более длинные ноги. Я хотел бы иметь шанс выиграть ту великолепную печать свитка Inka. Спасибо. Karin xx

Karin said...

Wishing you a very good day Galina. Please include me into your draw. You may keep Daniel Craig and wouldn't it be wonderful to grow longer legs. I'd love to have the chance to win that gorgeous Inka scroll stamp. Thank you. Karin xx

This version might be better than the earlier one. :)

Audrey said...

its nice to see someone so cheerful Galina - and thanks for sharing the cheer ;-)

alcoholinky said...

wow- that's generous Galina! can we see the new hair colour please?!

Amy said...

A beautiful give-away..I'd love a chance to win.

Hope you had a Gloroious Day in the Sun!!

Blessings and Hugs

Kaz said...

ooooooooooooooo a red head, I think that suits you Galina, "dark and smooth and with a hidden fire" is perfect chocolate from you!!!
count me in please. ;)

PS Ignore Karin, you can't have Daniel Craig at all, I have him locked up in my cellar...HA!!!

emily13 said...

Love those basic grey stamps :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Em xxx

(emily13 on Marinas Forum)

Anonymous said...

hi sasha

thanks for the great comp, can i enter as well

from samwin, ( marinas comp page)