Monday, 28 April 2008

Rapunzel's Tower (Stamp Addicts DT)

This is quite a big stamp. Since it's called Rapunzel's Tower, I thought it would be logical to add some golden locks going down. Then I was stumped for the message. What should I write? Escape?! Rescue me?! or don't pull my hair, or I will be bald?
(sorry for the bad joke). In the end I went for the safe word "love", after all it is a love story. lol
And I liked the idea of using it for a new home card.


Kaz said...

LOL poor bald Rapunzel....lollol
this is my favourite of all your DT stamps Galina, the new home card is a great idea too. fantastic work.

Barbara Hagerty said...

These are wonderful, Galina! I love Rapunzel's tower and what you've done with it is fabulous!