Sunday, 20 April 2008

More Earth Day challenges

This card is a combo of two challenges: reuse waste and stamp on a photo.
For the main stamped image I used a Rubbadubbadoo stamp/Beach block, and highlighted it with a powder blue acrylic. I also managed to paint over a fat Italian lady in the corner. Nothing wrong with fat ladies, lol, just she wasn't suitable for my card.
Reused items are: a ribbon from the Swedish crackers, and a link from a broken belt, that again I painted with acrylics.
Words stamped are all TT (Pieces of the Puzzle and Gift from the sea).


andrea said...

both those challenges worked great on this card! well done!

Anonymous said...

Gosh - what a challenge! Great results Galina!

Penny said...

You did well with the recycling! I love your pumpkin card too :)

Em's Blog said...

this is gorgeous.. love that stamp!

Kaz said...

beautiful Galina, lol@ the poor fat

love the reused parts too. :)