Sunday, 13 May 2007

Autism awareness gallery

The Technique Tuesday site is running an autism awareness gallery.
It shows work of many talented scrappers. I only wish they asked for bigger jpegs, as you can hardly read (and in some cases cannot read anything) what those parents chose to say about their children.
Each one is unique and tells a story.

It is a good initiative, as people certainly need to know more about this condition.

Unfortunately some people's ideas on autism are limited to the recollections of the Rainman film.
Who was it among the British politicians who compared one of his colleagues with an autistic person? Very non-pc. I also remember someone's said that Bush behaves like he's autistic. Very insulting to people with autism, I think.
One of the trendy bloggers recently reviewed an old film, and described Hopkins character as cold, autistic, shockingly inappropriate person.
Well, for some people it might be just a fashionable metaphor, but people whose lives are touched by autism might find this very comment inappropriate.
It all comes from ignorance of the subject and having no personal experience of autism-related matters, I presume.
So, I applaud the efforts of the Tuesday Technique to raise the awareness of autism.

If you like stamping, have a look at the stamp Pieces of the Puzzle, while visiting the site. If you buy it, you will support a good cause. I think this stamp is very versatile.

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